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Month: February, 2014

the most tangly hair in all the land


This is my hair. It gets very full of tangles very easily, for no known reason! My friend Britt, who’s a hair stylist, told me that my hair is the most tangly hair she’s ever worked with! I have been trying to figure out ways to take this head of hair for yeeears–I’ve tried deep conditioners, hot oil treatments, hair masks, moisturizing shampoos, leave-in conditioners–you name it, I’ve probably tried it. But I have come to terms with the fact that my hair is going to be full of tangles for the majority of my life and I’ve figured out how best to work with it.


These are the products I use for my hair. I don’t use all of them every day, just when I need them!
I will start with the far left and go clockwise!

Unite 7-seconds Leave-in Conditioner–this is a great detangler! I use it on my hair after I’ve worn a beanie or after I’ve been sleeping without leaving my hair in a braid (for the big tangles). It helps get the tangles out as well as moisturizes throughout the day.

Unite Expanda Volume Root Energizer–I spray this onto my roofs after I shower, when my hair is still damp. I hate when my hair is super clean because it’s pretty flat but this gives it a little boost!

Zabana Essentials Dry Shampoo– I swear by this stuff! It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve ever ever used, and I have tried basically everything! It’s a powder dry shampoo, so I sprinkle it on my roots on the second and third days after I wash my hair to clean it up (I don’t wash my hair very much, and it’s a lot healthier for that reason!). It smells incredible (lavender citrus mint) and works soo well, giving my hair texture and a clean look!

Tangle Tamer–this is by far the most crucial part of my hair regiment! It is a small brush (kind of looks like a dog brush?) with soft bristles that don’t hurt my head when I’m brushing my hair! I don’t know how it works or why it is any different from regular brushes but it works soo well and easily. I will probably always use the tangle tamer to tame my mane!

Bed Head Re-energize Shampoo and Conditioner– I just really like the way this smells and how it makes my hair so soft!

Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder–this stuff is C R A Z Y. The bottle feels like it is empty because it’s sooo light. Basically, I sprinkle a TINY amount of this stuff on my roots, under the top hair, and finger-tease the hair (where I sprinkled it) a little and it straight-up gives me super volume hair!!!! It’s so crazy! If you use too much, your hair will feel sticky, and it really only takes a tiiiiny amount. But I really love this stuff, especially when I’m on my third day of unwashed hair!

Organix Moroccan Argan oil– I use this on the ends of my hair to moisturize. It smells great and makes my hair super soft, especially after taming my tangles (which can sometimes make it frizzy).

Well I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about my hair products and that maybe it has helped a person or two! Tangly hair sisters (and brothers?) must stick together!


Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Here’s what we brought for a 2 person 3 night 2 day trip in Figueroa, Los Padres National Forest, CA. Our Base weight was under 15lbs per person. Worn clothing was worn on the hike in, packed clothing was counted in the weight of our base weight. Granted there were a couple luxury items, and we didn’t need everything we brought, but we used everything we brought and super enjoyed our trip. We hope to have around a 15lb base weight when we eventually hike the John Muir Trail. There are so many benefits of going ultralight, you can go farther, you can hike faster- keeping your heart at a raised rate, there is less stress on your body, you can carry some non-essentials when all your gear isn’t so heavy (like the camera/tripod I brought), and you can enjoy the outdoors more.

I have patellofemoral disorder, which was probably caused because of overuse due to hiking, running, soccer, and biking. When I run or hike for extended periods of time, my knees literally lock up. It’s especially bad when going up and down hills with added weight on your back (i.e. backpacking) for this reason (and many others) I adopted a lightweight mentality when camping, and yes I use those nerd poles (Hanna’s name for my trekking poles) they alleviate my knee pain, and they double as the poles to our tent.


Osprey Hornet 32 & 46 packs

Tarptent Contrail

(6) Msr mini Groundhog stakes

(6) Nite Ize S-Biner size 0

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z poles

Enlightened Equipment Rev. X 30° quilt

Thermarest NeoAir XLite R pad

Thermarest NeoAir XTherm M pad

Jetboil Sol Titanium

MSR fuel canister 100g

Scouring pad

(2)Sea to Summit titanium long spoons

(2)Platypus 3L bladder

Platypus GravityWorks filter

(2)Black Diamond ReVolt headlamps

Mini Bic lighter

Ka-bar Becker Necker

Dryer lint

First Aid kit

(6) Vicodin

(2) Exped pillow

Mophie Powerstation Duo battery

iPhone 5s (with lifeproof case)

Tamrac ZipShot mini tripod

Sony NEX-6 camera

Micro usb cable

Lightning cable

Veppo E-Cigar

(Packed clothing-Zach)

Patagonia UL down hoody

Patagonia Cap 4 1/4 zip base layer top

Patagonia cap 3 base layer leggings

Patagonia Alpine Houdini jacket

SmartWool Light Hiking socks

U.S. Military wool watch cap

(Worn clothing-Zach)

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail shoes

WrightSock CoolMesh 2 socks

Patagonia Trail Chaser shorts

Patagonia Cap 1 tshirt

(Worn clothing-Hanna)

Everlane Scoopneck T

Target brand yoga pants

Smartwool Light Hiking socks

New Balance Minimus Trail

(Packed clothing-Hanna)

Patagonia UL down Hoody

Patagonia Merino 3 1/4 zip top

Patagonia cap 3 base layer leggings

Patagonia Houdini jacket

Patagonia Fjord flannel

Patagonia Trail Chaser shorts

Smartwool Light Hiking socks

Han-Made Wool beanie


Backpackers Pantry;

-Denver Omelet,

-Granola with Bananas and Milk

-Katmandu Curry

-Beef Stroganoff

-Chili Mac with Beef

-Mocha Mousse Pie

-Hot Apple Cobbler

(4)Starbucks Iced Via Carmel

(4) Guinness




I am repeatedly amazed at the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit. I was thinking about the different sins I have struggled with in my time and how the Holy Spirit has shown me things I need to change. i have been a true Christ-follower for almost five years and I can recall one of the very first times I remember experiencing this sort of conviction—it was about gossiping, which I did all the time. And the Holy Spirit just put a thought into my head that what I was saying was not kind or loving and I wouldn’t be saying it about that person if she was here right now. And then I thought about how I wanted to be the same and consistent person, no matter who was around me. And so I stopped gossiping.  I was thinking about this, among other scenarios, and slowly realizing that it was the Holy Spirit (because I would never have just thought of it myself) and this is the sanctification process and I am just so so in awe of the fact that we, as Christ-followers, have someone like the Holy Spirit to help us work on our crap. We deserve hell for these sins and yet God decided to give us the Holy Spirit to help us be better and be more like Jesus. And in all my times of being convicted by the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t like I ever felt guilty and ashamed—it’s a gentle and loving conviction. And that is so so amazing to me!! The one who created the universe, the one whom all of my sins have been against, decides to instead gently push me towards righteousness. Just one more thing to be constantly thankful for.

thanks for reading this poorly-put-together post!


hanna <3

simplifying, from a woman’s perspective

before we got married, when i moved from san diego, i had gotten rid of about half my wardrobe (at the time)–which ended up being a total of at least 7 garbage bags full, donated. and i thought that was pretty good! i mean, it was a big deal for me. but now we are married and we share a (TINY) closet and we don’t have a ton of room in our  little house, so i knew it was time to make the leap and sift through my remaining clothing. it was even harder this time, because it was the stuff i had decided to keep last time and i kept thinking, ‘what if i need to wear this again?!’ and ‘ohh but i got this from (insert ANY human’s name)!!!’ and ‘this used to be my favorite!’ So, I had to make a rule for myself: if i haven’t worn it in last month, it’s gone. and that ended up being a lot of items! four pairs of boots, three pairs of shoes (a really big deal!!!), and two and a half more garbage bags of clothes.

the biggest reason why it was hard for me to part with an item was because of sentimental reasons. i got it from a certain person or i was wearing it at a certain event or something. and you’d be surprised at how many times that reasoning has made me keep something that was totally useless to me! here are a few things that were really hard for me to get rid of:


my american apparel zip-up. this was the first gift zach ever ever got me. my birthday was two weeks after we FIRST started dating and this was what he got me (i think it also may have been my very first good quality thing! i basically only shopped at forever 21 back then ha). i wore it so many times within the first two years of having it but i just don’t wear hoodies anymore–they aren’t really my style anymore and they give me more tangles in my hair than i already have. so, for those reasons and since i havent worn it in the past month, i got rid of it.





my laredo boots. i ordered these from a vintage seller on etsy this past summer and loved them but they just dont fit! it was hard for me to part with these because they are basically the perfect boots, other than the fact that they are too big for me. so for that reason, i am gonna sell em.




this little floral dress. i got this dress at a thrift store three years ago and it has traveled with me from oregon to ventura to santa maria to san diego and back up to SLO. it fits well, it is comfortable, it is cute, but its not really my style anymore and i havent worn it even in the past year! i’ve been holding onto it because of the fact that it fits so nicely but since i don’t wear it anymore, i got rid of it!




my very first pair of vans. i got these vans during my freshman year of high school–that’s ten years ago, people! they were my most favorite shoes, all throughout high school, and even when i got new vans, i always would’ve rather worn these, and usually did. i haven’t worn em since 2009 though, so i got rid of em.






my teal patagonia better sweater. this was another birthday gift from zach! this one might have been the very hardest thing to give away. the only reason i decided to is because i have a grey one that i wear more (and the grey one was my very first patagonia item, and goes with more things). i only need one better sweater, and for that reason, i decided to give this one away.


20140201-191652.jpgmy first pair of minnetonka moccasin boots. minnetonka is another one of those quality companies–i have been buying shoes and boots from them for six years and have absolutely loved every single pair. thats why it was hard for me to part with these! i got these during the summer of 2009 and wore them twice to disneyland, on three backpacking trips (not the best arch support, i dont recommend it), and basically every single day in between. the bottom sole is coming loose from the rest of the moccasin, and i have since purchased another pair of these same boots, and so for those reasons, i am getting rid of these wonderful things.

so clearly, all of these things mean something to me but at the same time, most of them are basically useless to me. take the broken moccasin boots, for example: they can do nothing for me–i literally can not wear them, the bottom of the shoe is falling off! they just sit in my closet until the next time i decide to go through my stuff–but they have memories attached to them, and they were my very first pair of moccasin boots, so they mean a lot to me! but that alone is not a reason to keep something. if you are keeping things you don’t use or don’t need, they are just taking up space and creating clutter! the fact that we attach sentimental value to material possessions is one of the main reasons why we hold on to so much junk (my husband told me that one).

thank you for going on this emotional roller coaster with me–i hope it can help some of you to simplify and go through your clothing and other stuff and donate some things you don’t need!