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almost five years of lovin. And now he sings and plays ukelele songs like “you are my sunshine” for our tiny babe & talks to him/her through my belly button. I’m so sappy and grateful and full-hearted tonight.

Cheers! Han

clean eating

since we started going to our appointments with our midwives, we’ve been learning so much about nutrition–what to eat more of, what to not eat at all, what to cut back on–there are so many different ways for pregnant women to go with their nutrition these days! our nutrition expert/midwife, sandy, gave me a basic diet–lots of protein, lots of folic acid, lots of calcium, & lots of healthy fats– which means lots of meat, nuts, eggs, beans, fruits, veggies (especially leafy green veggies), and dairy. She told me to cut back on the pre-packaged preservative-filled stuff, like frozen meals and snacks–those preservatives are bad for anyone, not just pregnant ladies!–and products with over-processed white flour like white bread, bagels, etc. (whole grain stuff is still good! gotta get my carbs somehow ha). Along with cutting out basically all caffeine [one cup of brewed coffee or tea per day is ok] and all alcohol–she said that I could have a glass of red wine every week if I wanted to but I’d rather not risk anything, plus I don’t even like red wine!).

Now, all of this was basically a complete diet change for me–Zach and I would get pre-packaged meals from Trader Joes to have for our lunches, we ate a bagel every day in the morning, I ate some vegetables but rarely ate meat or beans or nuts or protein of any kind. We also ate allll the carbs and sugars available to mankind. So, a lot has had to change! I basically only buy fresh and natural (and organic, if we can afford it) foods now, with the exception of tortillas and a few other things. Our fridge is always full of vegetables and fruits and eggs and yogurt and herbs and fresh orange juice. This week I bought a bunch of chicken breasts, along with ground turkey, so I can cook ahead of time (with spices and herbs) and have meat throughout the week. I made a dozen hard boiled eggs so I can have a quick and easy breakfast on the go. We don’t eat fast food, we don’t use artificial sweetener, we don’t buy pre-packaged snacks.

And if it takes this sort of eating to grow a tiny human, think of what it could do for a non-pregnant human’s health! we should all really be eating as clean as we can! Now I’ve participated in my fair share of diets–vegetarian for two years, vegan for two months, paleo for six months, amongst others–but this clean eating thing is so simple and way more fun. I have so much more energy! Plus I can still eat ice cream if I want to, I can have a Costco muffin every once in a while. It’s really only cutting out the bad things, the things that have long term affects on our bodies, like preservatives and extra-processed flour and artificial crap.

With that all being said, I am going to be sharing recipes that I use and love. (with all recipes I share (and all things ever), make sure to wash your vegetables and fruits really well before!!!!!! important)

Caprese Salad (aka the most simple delicious salad there ever could be)

you will need: cherry tomatoes (any tomatoes will do, cherry are my fav), fresh mozzarella (I like using the small little mozzarella balls), fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, tiny bit of salt and pepper.


chop them tomatoes in half (or if you use roma or regular tomatoes, chop them into bite size or flat slice), cut the cheese (hehe) in half (or bite size chunks), chop basil into tiny shreds. put it all in a bowl and add a tiny bit of salt (for the cheese) and pepper if you like, sprinkle balsamic all over, and you are good to go!


Homemade Acai Bowls (aka healthy replacement for ice cream, candy, sweets of all sorts)

for my version, you will need: pure acai juice (can be found at Costco), bananas, coconut oil, fresh spinach, juice (apple is preferred) or coconut/almond milk, frozen blueberries, shredded coconut, granola, berries, peaches, any other delicious seasonal fruit, honey.

[Ahead of time, you will need to freeze the acai juice. we put portions in small Ziploc baggies and it worked well for us!]

Put in blender: frozen acai juice, spinach, one banana, frozen blueberries, coconut oil, and juice of choice. blend it to a smoothie consistency and pour in bowls. 20140529-091444-33284708.jpg

add granola, coconut, banana, berries, peaches, and any other toppings and you are good to go!


I will continue to post helpful and healthy clean eating recipes and meal prep tips as I find them! Hopefully this can help the people that want to be healthy but love allll carbs and sugars ever, like me–both of these foods have satisfied cravings of mine and are absolutely delicious!

Thanks for following along!

Cheers! Han

we weren’t planning on becoming parents for probably two or three more years. we had so many plans and things to do before a baby could come along–to hike the John Muir trail this summer, hike part of the Appalachian trail at some point, roadtrip up to Alaska, work our full-time jobs and make as much money as we can, for me to finish school ASAP, etc. But the Lord has his own plans as well, and his are way better than ours could ever be, even if that’s not how I saw it at first.

I was sad and angry when we first found out I was pregnant. we had done everything right–I was taking birth control every day for the past four months, without fail–I even had an alarm on my phone especially to remind me to take it! we had our plans and things we wanted to do and now we are going to have a kid. a plan-changing, fun-sucking, poop machine. I was questioning God’s timing and not trusting in his plan at all–and I was mad at him! we are so not ready to be parents! we had only been married for almost three months when we found out and had been planning on having a lot more time for us to just be young married peeps! So I may have been angry-crying when I walked downstairs to show Zach the pregnancy tests. but he was so so excited since the moment he saw the tests! he picked me up and hugged me and spun me around and couldn’t even stop smiling that big goofy smile– and I was so thankful for his excitement.

now, we are so looking forward to this tiny little human. we are learning so much about babies and parenting and what’s going on inside me every single week (side note: it is literally a miracle what goes on during pregnancy–I don’t know how ANYONE can say that there is no creator! there is so so much happening at any given moment, it is incredible!). I am eating tons of vegetables (trying to, anyways) and protein for the growing babe, and taking lots and lots of good vitamins. I stopped drinking coffee and beer and started drinking juice and smoothies everyday instead. I started crocheting tiny beanies and a tiny blanket. we can’t even wait. and although we don’t feel even a little bit prepared (is anyone ever really fully prepared for a brand new baby?), we are so excited and thankful for this new adventure. God knew what he was doing when he decided we should be parents so we are deciding to trust him and this crazy plan of his. (pray for us please!!)


cheers! han

the three of us

if you have not heard yet, via our other forms of social media, we are going to be parents!20140514-144602.jpg

the little babe will be joining us in early november!

[if you want, you can follow us and the little bean’s progress on instagram (zach and han), or with the hashtag #thewaybabe]