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Month: July, 2014

weeks 21-24!

life’s been crazy busy these past few weeks but we promise to update with all the fun adventures and trips and exciting things SOON!

for now, here are my bump photos from the past four weeks!

week 21


week 22 [Boundary Waters, MN]


week 23 [Black Hills, SD]


week 24


 baby boy is growin like a weed!!

 we will be back soon with photos from our trips!




my most favorite moments

I was recently asked the question: What has been your favorite day so far? and I thought it interesting enough to write a blogpost on here! I’m not sure if there’s a whole day I would call my favorite! I mean, I think the usual answer to this type of question is “my wedding day,” and up until the day I got married, my wedding day was absolutely my happiest and sweetest and most fun day! but I have had equally great (and some better!) moments and days since then (and our wedding was a pretty great day, let me tell ya!) so I guess I will give you a few of my most favorite moments since then!

new years eve of this year—we were in Ireland, on our honeymoon, and we were staying at a cottage in the middle of nowhere—and I feel like when you read “middle of nowhere,” you will think, “in a tiny town somewhere.” but this was miles away from that tiny town. that tiny town was in the middle of nowhere and we were a good fifteen minute drive away from that town. anyways, it was pretty much constantly rainy and romantic and perfect and we got to explore during the day and cuddle in our warm little cottage and do nothing or do whatever we wanted—it was perfect. but for dinner, we got dressed up (I had lipstick on and did my makeup all fancy) and went to this small pub in the tiny town, called Pepper’s Pub. we were planning on staying for dinner and coming back to the cottage to have our own Guinness celebration and ring in the new year but that is not what happened. we arrived at Pepper’s at around 6:30 and didn’t leave until almost 1 am—we got appetizers (delicious cheese bread) and Guinness and listened to the live band that had begun playing some pretty cheesy Irish music (there was a guy playing guitar and a guy ‘playing’ keyboard but really he was just pushing the button on a bunch of recorded tracks)—and! our server Gus, who was the coolest guy (he bought us a few rounds of his fav beer and told us all the cool spots to see!), had a daughter that was 7 or 8 and kept making reallllly strange faces everytime we saw her and she did this weird little tap-dance for everyone but she was only looking at her mom and her face looked extra squished and just kept getting redder and redder! haha. anyways, people had started dancing but Zach didn’t really want to join yet. so we had dinner along with another round of Guinness, and by this time, I was prettttty convincing so we danced along for a few songs and it was the FUNNEST. we were by far the youngest people there and somehow everyone in the entire town knew we had just gotten married so basically everyone in the pub was all coming up to us and congratulating us and giving us their best marriage advice and giving us hugs, it was so wonderful. and then we had dessert (THE most delicious dessert I think I will ever have—rhubarb crumble with custard and strawberry ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a round of Smithwick’s Ale this time, followed by a glass of Irish whiskey each (delicious btw) and at this point, the band was calling us to the dance floor for a newlywed dance and we couldn’t really say no. but the song they played had close to seven or eight verses and was seemingly never-ending and everyone was looking at us with that “aw”  look on their faces—it was terribly awkward and wonderful all at once! then at MIDNIGHT (this is the best part), with no announcement of any kind, everyone in the entire pub came to the dance floor and joined hands and the band started playing and we all sang Auld Lang Syne, while holding hands in a lumpy circle. and sometimes parts of the circle would pull their section to the middle and then come back out and then another part would do the same and everyone was so happy and smiling and it was like a giant happy Irish family. and then after the song, everyone was hugging and kissing cheeks and cheering!! and, after being together for nearly five years, Zach and I FINALLY had our very first New Years Eve kiss! it was such a magical and happy night, one of my favorites ever.

another of my favorite moments was seeing Forest’s squishy little face on the ultrasound screen after we got in a pretty bad car crash a few weeks ago. basically, a really old lady named Judy ran a red light going close to 50mph (in a turn only lane) and hit our car, flipped her car and bounced over another car, and landed upright. our car was wrecked but no one was hurt, other than a bit of soreness, Judy’s car was wrecked and she got banged up pretty badly but is doing ok now, and the third car barely got scratched (MIRACLE). right after the crash happened, and seeing Judy’s car flip and all the glass shatter, I was thinking “crap that person is dead” and started freaking out. once we figured that she was ok and everyone was ok, I remembered “oh yeah, I’m pregnant” and all the scary thoughts started rushing through my head of everything that could be wrong. Zach’s mom had me go sit in the other car, that had the AC running (it was like 100 degrees that day in Utah) and I just remember looking at a folded-up map that was in the seat pocket in front of me and drinking my water and crying and praying that he would be ok and that nothing would happen with him. it was also the first time I truly felt like a mother, cause of all the worrying and pleading with God. I don’t know if I have ever pleaded (pled?) with God like that before. anyways, I had to ride in an ambulance to the hospital and the EMTs were the nicest guys, and were very comforting. and the doctor I had at the hospital was the funniest lady, dr. dickens—she took my mind off the worrying until we could get the ultrasound technician in there. then, when we heard that fast little heartbeat and saw his tiny little face, I tried so hard to hold my tears in, cause at that point, I was the only one crying for most of that day—I am very emotional! plus also pregnant with hormones and all— and all of zach’s family was in the hospital room with me and Zach was on the phone with insurance peeps all the day long and I really just didn’t want to cry. but I couldn’t even hold em in, man. I was so happy. and his face is sooo cute, you guys! I sometimes still cant believe me and Zach made a human hehe.

another wonderful aspect of that day was the biggest blessing ever—the couple who’s car was also involved in the accident (the car that was bounced over by Judy’s car), owns a hotel in St George (where we were) and they gave us TWO free rooms for that night, one was for me and Zach alone! serious kindness! so once we were done at the hospital, we got us some food (Chick-fil-a spicy grilled chicken sandwich and sweet tea, obv) and got our butts to that hotel and swam in the pool for like two hours. we were the only ones in the whole pool! me and Zach’s sisters were doing handstands and other fancy tricks and being mermaids and then when Zach got in, we were giving each other piggy back rides and trying to keep our heads up and we all had a giant splash fight and it was the greatest. and then we had outback steakhouse for dinner and thanked the Lord for our lives. the perfect end to a stressful and scary day.

another one of my favorite days was on Tuesday. I had two doctors appointments and had to get blood tests done and Zach had a meeting near where my appointments were so we went together to SLO (San Luis Obispo fyi) to get stuff done, but we had a little break of like two hours where we couldn’t really go back to work cause we still had one more thing in SLO to do. so we got lunch at the Honeymoon Café in Pismo Beach—we got a cowboy breakfast burrito (has sweet potatoes and salsa and bacon and eggs!!!!!) and a BLT wrap and side salad and shared em and it was gooood. so good. then we walked like a mile down to the pier and sat on a bench and the ocean was literally Kool-Aid blue, I don’t understand how it gets like that! but it was beautiful and the sun was so warm and the breeze was perfect and we just sat there for close to an hour and talked about what we are going to do next. there has recently been a suuuper big sense of uneasiness with our future because we pretty much have to decide a lot of big things very soon, but a lot of those decisions depend on other littler things that haven’t happened yet and so its just a lot of unknown stuff. and it was so so good to talk about it. Zach is so good at being gentle and comforting me when I get worked up or emotional and is so sure of himself and he knows that the Lord is in control and has a plan and that we will be ok. it was such a sweet time getting to sit and relax and talk and cuddle a little on a bench on the Pismo Pier. then after work, we had to get groceries and we knew that we’d be over budget since we just got back from two weeks away and our cupboards and fridge are literally bare except for granola and rice and expired eggs and probably ice cream. so we went to Costco (and picked up my photos from my Pentax!!!!!!! they are cool. more on that soon.) and Trader Joes and we were both just in really funny moods and everything was hilarious and ironic and it was just one of those times! plus then we found $10 in the parking lot and gave it to a homeless man on the corner and he said, “hippies unite!!!!!!” and that just was the cherry on top!

some other favorite moments of mine: camping for the first time after we were married and cuddling all the night long/not having to put up two tents, feeling baby Forest move (EVERYTIME is cool, i swear) (especially when he is literally moving in response to his daddy playing music!), cooking in our underwear, seeing the neighbors wolf dog hobble over to us with a literal smile on his face, waking up every day to a thousand kisses on my face and neck and zach’s beard/hair suffocating me, walks around the block at break times, Zach putting cocoa butter on my belly (side note: once, I said, “ok, cocoa butt time!” by accident and Zach started chanting “cocoa butt! cocoa butt!” over and over again and chased me around pinching my butt and tickling me and it was SCARY and fun and crazy. and now anytime he says that, I brace myself and prepare for a tickle battle.)

anyways, it was fun to remember these sweet moments in this life of mine. I challenge you to think about some of your most favorite moments and write em down in your journal or something! focusing on blessings is one of the sweetest ways to combat stress or a bad attitude, its a proven fact!



lately //an update through iphone photos

20140702-142213-51733130.jpg20140702-142212-51732925.jpg^^^my sisters came to visit! they live four hours away and we never get to see them so it was a very fun weekend with them! we had cronuts (croissant+donut=incredible) and coffee and breakfast burritos and walked around downtown San Luis Obispo and watched movies and talked and laughed and it was wonderful!



^^^Zach and I got to see the sunset by the sea on sunday! we love sunsets and will always make time to stop and enjoy them.


20140702-142211-51731959.jpg^^^Zach and I tricked the new interns at work into bringing donuts for everyone!!!!!!



^^^we started a polaroid photo countdown wall next to our stairs! we take iphone photos of my belly every week but it will be fun to have these polaroids as we watch the belly grow!