a few of my favorite things (new mama edition)

by zach and han

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.38.27 PM

Here is my version of a “helpful items for a new mama” list–I know there are probably a lot more things that could be added but these are my personal faves, things I probably couldn’t live without, especially these first two months!

(from top left)

1. The Wubbanubb is the greatest invention with the weirdest name. the little giraffe on the end helps the pacifier stay in baby’s mouth when laying down or in the car seat and it’s been so so helpful for getting Forest to sleep!

2. Another great baby sleep-aid is the Cloud b Sleep Sheep. We use it every night but I don’t think we would’ve gotten any sleep the first few weeks if it weren’t for this thing!

3. Motherlove Nipple Cream is an all-natural cream and is so smooth and soft–perfect for those first few weeks of breastfeeding!

4. Burts Bees Baby shampoo & wash is our favorite baby wash–all-natural and makes Forest smell so nice! We also have the baby lotion and love it as well!

5. We have two of these Klean Kanteen stainless steel baby bottles and absolutely love them! They can be used for breastmilk or formula, and are light and sturdy and can be washed in the dishwasher! They are also very easy to heat up just by running  under hot water.

6. These plain Gerber onesies are just the best. I wish someone had told me not to spend any money on any nice newborn outfits because, realistically, newborns don’t wear any outfit for very long (on account of pee and poo and spit-up). So these plain old onesies are simple and easy, and perfect for a newborn (also cheap!).

7. I use Zabana Essentials dry shampoo probably every day. I have barely any time to shower these days (not like I really showered before) so this dry shampoo powder keeps my hair super fresh (and also smells so great–lavender citrus mint?! )

8. If you plan on breastfeeding, I highly recommend getting a pump (it should be covered by your insurance)! I have this Medela Pump and really love the portable aspect of it–its all stored in a tote (there is also a backpack option) and has a mini insulated cooler bag and ice pack for when you’re on the go!

9. Gerber 3-ply Burp Cloths–buy like five packs of these things!!!

10. The Puj baby bath fits right in your bathroom or kitchen sink and is nice and soft for baby to sit in! We love the simplicity of this baby bath and highly recommend it.

11/12. Now for baby carriers!!! Both of these carriers are so so awesome and if you splurge on only one thing before your baby comes, have it be a baby carrier! The ability to cuddle your babe while still going about your regular life things is so wonderful. The Ergo Baby carrier is so easy to put on–we like using it for walks or hikes or errands, etc. (There is also an infant insert you can buy separately so you can use it right after baby is born!) The Solly Baby wrap is a super soft stretchy wrap that I use constantly around the house! Forest is so nice and cozy in there and he usually just falls right asleep, and I can get things done around the house! Plus they come in a lot of rad colors.

13. You cannot have enough of this Honest Co. hand sanitizer spray!! I mean it! We have one by the changing table, one in the diaper bag, one for the car, one for my purse, one for by our bed–these things are awesome. The Honest Company is all about using all-natural ingredients in their products (which I love) rather than chemicals. The spray sanitizer is so easy to use, is safe for baby, and has a fresh scent!

14. I don’t know if you’ve gotten on the Coconut Oil train yet but if you haven’t, you should. I use this stuff for everything–cooking, makeup remover, face wash, diaper cream, lotion, etc. It’s safe and natural and multi-purpose and you should get some!! (I linked to one on amazon but I always just get the stuff from Trader Joe’s!)

15. Gripe Water is a mixture of fennel and ginger extracts and helps with baby’s tummy problems and gas bubbles and hiccups! (It is like magic water and takes away hiccups instantly, for real)

16. Having something fun to keep Forest occupied has been so so nice. We got him this Land of Nod baby gym for Christmas and he absolutely loves staring up at the animals and batting them around (he also smiles at them and its adorable)! Its really versatile because there are no connected hang down things–you can get the hanging rattles separately from Land of Nod or from somewhere else completely! This way you can change em out as baby grows or gets tired of them. (Land of Nod has a ton of great quality bedding and wooden toys also!)

(Not pictured: Fiber One bars [you’ll understand why, believe me], Vitamin Water, zip-up baby pajamas like these or these [way better than buttons or snaps at 3 am], a Diaper Genie, and a bouncer chair [Forest uses his as a bed], preferably an automatic bouncer like this one).

hope this is helpful for some of you!