this is what zach had to say about hanna: Hanna; what can I tell you about her? She’s hard to describe, because if you have met her before you could spend a great deal of time describing her. I learn new things about her all the time and I have known her for over 4 years. Hanna is my best friend. She is a really good friend and if she is one of your friends you’re lucky. She is cheerful. She gets excited easily. She is entertained by the oddest things and its pretty cute. She is good at loving people and has taught me a great deal about how to love others. Hanna cares about people, she cries when we drive by homeless people and doesn’t have anything to give them. Hanna is beautiful, inside and out. Hanna is a trendsetter and she doesn’t care what people think about her. Hanna is crazy creative, with fashion, arts, and crafts. Hanna likes to read to me in the car (unless its one of my “boring” books). Hanna has grown to become an adventurer, she loves the outdoors and exploring and the feeling she gets when she’s at the top of a mountain after a good hike. Hanna is an amazing cook, I’m pretty lucky. Hanna is a good sister, to her sisters and mine. Hanna sees the best in people even when I’m critical and judgmental. Hanna wants people to know Jesus; she loves doing youth ministry and her life reflects God to me and to others around her. Hanna loves Jesus and she loves learning more about God and the Holy Spirit. Hanna points me back to God in times that I stray, she  refuses to talk to me unless I talk to God. Hanna wants to help fix people’s problems, but not in an obsessive egotistic way, she genuinely cares about them and wishes that they could not have to deal with some of the things they have to. When Hanna is really happy, her cheeks grow to the size of golf balls (no joke, I’ve measured) and her eyes smile too. When Hanna is overjoyed or too excited, her eyes involuntarily close because her cheeks push them too high. Hanna is my best friend and I love her. Hanna has the best and the weirdest ideas ever, Hanna puts up with me. Hanna laughs on the phone every night about my stupid jokes. Hanna is my favorite person, ever.


this is what hanna had to say about zach:

Zach is a minimalist. He is extremely organized and tidy. He likes simple stuff, he likes classic stuff. He wears a grey tshirt or tank every day. He lived in his truck for two years and once owned only 100 items for three months. Zach is an adventurer. He loves all things outdoors: camping, hiking, climbing, swimming, biking. He is always looking for a reason to go outside. He is really into lightweight backpacking, which basically is exactly how it sounds: backpacking with as little as possible. Zach is ambitious. He is probably the most creative person I have ever met. He has some of the best ideas and finds ways to put them into action. He is going to record a CD soon (with me), with all of his own original songs. He started a clothing company with his best friend, TC, used his own designs for the tank tops, and is constantly coming up with more designs and ideas. He was the first one of his family to graduate from college, and graduated with only a tiny bit of debt. Zach is a silly kid. He is always sticking out his finger for me to pull when he has to fart. We have tickle fights daily, it seems. He dances like a fool, when it’s only me.  We dance to rock and roll. We have so much fun together, always. Zach is passionate. He is passionate about music, about Free Spirit, about his family, about the kids in our youth group, about his friends, about me, about his relationship with the Lord. Zach is the sweetest guy in the wild west. For how manly he is, he is also very tender. He is very good at making me feel loved. He picks me flowers, all the time. Little kisses and holding hands are his favorite. He is always encouraging me, always loving me. Zach loves Jesus. he loves Jesus. and that is the greatest thing about him. Not only does he show Christ’s love to me, he encourages me and challenges me. He calls me out and helps me get back on track. He puts Jesus first in our relationship. he is a great example. he shows me the love of Jesus, every single day. and that is the best thing ever.