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We recently got a juicer and have been really into making allllll the fresh veggie + fruit juices, especially after the holidays and all the candy and chocolate and cake and muffins (you know, the good stuff). we did a bit of a juice cleanse/detox this past week and I thought I’d share a few of our favorites (each recipe makes two servings)(also I made up the titles, whatever)!


If you’re like me, you probably need a sweeter juice in order to drink a whole glass of it–I’m not really into drinking vegetables, if it tastes like vegetables. So I call this first one “The most simple and delicious juice, that still is mostly a vegetable juice” (two servings)

8 carrots

5 oranges (remove rinds, leave the white stuff)

5 handfuls of spinach

3 stalks of kale

small piece of ginger

This Salsa juice (which is basically all vegetables) is actually realllllly good when you’ve been drinking sweet juices all day and need something on the savory side!

seven tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes)

four carrots

two red peppers (with seeds)

one jalapeño (remove seeds, I repeat, REMOVE SEEDS)

two cloves garlic

one small handful of basil

This Super Refreshing juice is my favorite–perfect for the afternoon, right when I’d start craving ice cream or cookies or something!

two cucumbers

one pineapple

10-12 mint leaves

(can be made even healthier by adding a couple handfuls of spinach or stalks of kale!)

I liked having this one in the morning right when I woke up. I don’t know if it actually gave me any energy but it is called Energy-licious nonetheless.

one red pepper

five handfuls of spinach

three pears

one cucumber

small piece of ginger

This one’s called Sassy + Classy–sassy because of the lime and mint, classy because its got nice stuff like apples and cucumbers. perfect for anytime, all the time.

six apples

5 handfuls of spinach

one cucumber

one lime (can leave the rinds on)

10-12 mint leaves

try em out and let me know what you think!! happy juicing!